Air Conditioning Services in Redding, California

When hot weather hits, a working air conditioner is a lifesaver. It provides a cool oasis indoors—away from the blistering heat and the intense summer sun. At Redding Heating & Air, our technicians are experienced in installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioning units in the Redding area. We are committed to helping customers stay cool in the summer.

Maintenance and Repair

There’s no doubt about it—when your air conditioner is broken, it creates miserable conditions. But when you call us, it won’t be for long. The professionals of Redding Heating & Air diagnose AC problems correctly the first time, which saves you money in the end. We respond promptly and efficiently every time.

Preventative maintenance is important as well. Ideally, you should have an HVAC company come by to check your cooling system every spring. This can increase the lifespan and efficiency of the system and even prevent its malfunction in the heat of summer.

During a maintenance check, we may inspect one or more
of the following components:

  • blower motor,
  • thermostat,
  • air filter,
  • bearing,
  • condenser coil,
  • condensate drain,
  • refrigerant,
  • safety devices,
  • electrical wiring,
  • electrical disconnect box,
  • capacitors,
  • fan blade,
  • service valves,
  • ductwork,
  • compressor, and
  • debris.

New Systems

We offer installations of new systems from top brands. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, a good air conditioning system is imperative. When you get a new system from Redding Heating & Air, you will be able to customize your system to fit your needs and your budget. Ask us for a detailed proposal on new equipment. Our technicians are skilled at evaluating your situation and helping you make a good decision.

Redding Heating & Air provides professional air conditioning repairs & service in Redding residential and commercial settings. Make sure you’re ready to beat the summer heat with an AC system that works as hard as you do. Schedule your HVAC installation, repair, or checkup today!