The summer months get hot! The last thing anyone wants in the hottest months of the year is for their hvac system to leave you uncomfortable in your own home due to lack of knowledge, care and maintenance. The best way to avoid a total breakdown or know when your hvac system needs a little TLC is to know what to be on the lookout for and to call right away when something becomes apparent. We’re going to give you some tips on when to call us so we can help you remain comfortable in your own home:

  1. Does your energy bill seem high?
    During the summer months you may already anticipate your bill to be higher, but if your noticing that your bill has made quite the jump in price from previous years your unit may need a tune-up or possible small repair; but the first thing to consider is if your AC unit is at least 10 years old. Being that the unit has put in a fair amount of hard work over the years it may be operating inefficiently, if so it might end up saving you more money to update to a more energy-efficient unit.
  2. Unusual Noises
    It is normal to hear low key noises when your unit is starting up or shutting down, but cause for concern is when you are hearing sudden loud and unusual sounds including: rattling, grinding, or whistling. Any of these sounds may mean that there are loose parts or parts that may need to be lubricated, or worse, you might have a broken motor or another serious problem. Call right away if your concerned about any noises you’re hearing to potentially prevent any further damage.
  3. Feeling Warm Air
    If you’re noticing warm air blowing as your place your hand near your vent, first check your thermostat and make sure that it’s set to the “cool” setting and adjust it slightly lower than the set temp, if no changes occur in the air flow temperature it may cause concern that there is a possible issue with your compressor. Calling for help from a
    professional at Redding Heating & Air is necessary to ensure your unit is serviced quickly and correctly.
  4. High Humidity
    Although humidity comes with the spring and summer months, your ac unit should automatically moderate the humidity levels indoors. If you’re feeling uncomfortable and like the air inside your home is sticky and humid your unit needs to be repaired, re-calibrated or we may notice an issue with the whole-house dehumidifier. Make sure to
    call for service when this occurs.
  5. Bad Odor in the Air
    If you smell foul or musty odors in your home and you suspect they are coming from your HVAC system there may be a cause for concern. Cleaning your duct work is a must over time and if there has not been recent cleaning done it may be a sign that there is mold or a burnout in the systems insulation. A trained technician will be able to tell you if
    a cleaning is necessary, or if a more high-tech solution will be needed to resolve the odor before it gets worse.
  6. Low Air Flow
    Insufficient air flow is a possible sign that there may be a blockage or build-up of debris preventing the air to flow thoroughly in your ductwork. Making sure your air ducts are being cleaned every 5 to 7 years can help prevent this from happening, but there may be
    a clogged air filter, or a more serious issue such as a broken motor or something more serious. It’s best to have a technician come take a look and see what they may recommend to get the issue resolved.
  7. Water Leaks
    Your unit should never be actively leaking or producing any kind of condensation or pooling outside of the unit. Your AC unit relies on refrigerant to operate which may produce a small amount of condensation but there should never be leaking inside your home or be accumulating. Call for service immediately if you notice a leak, leaking can quickly cause damage to your home or an exposure could potentially cause health issues.
  8. Frequent Cycles
    Your unit should never be cycling on and off constantly, be aware that on hotter days it may be normal to notice your AC unit working more frequently but there may be an underlying malfunction if the cycles are not smooth with a normal on-off routine, contact our cooling experts to see if you need a tune-up or possibly a new AC unit. Don’t wait to tackle any of these signs or symptoms before potential issues become critical problems. Pay close attention to your AC unit on a regular basis and Call your Redding Heating & Air Specialist’s today with any questions or concerns!